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Kick starting A body Transformation system.

This program is an answer to my many prayers. This body transformation program enables one to build muscle as well as lose fat at the same time.
Talking of building muscles and losing fat simultaneously is deceiving. This is because it cannot happen at the same time. It may however be said that this exercise happens within the same period of time. The recommended period of time should be eight weeks.

Everybody’s goal is taken care of by the eight week body transformation program. Everyone has different fitness goals so Ryan Spiteri has created 4 goals for you to choose from;

Focus on fat loss
To build Muscles.
Body building being secondary to losing fat.
Losing fat secondary to Building body muscles
Nutrition timing and cyclical dieting
Doing Workouts The Right Way

The main focus of this program is on nutrition timing and cyclical dieting. These terms may be a little confusing as they were to me. cycling your diet in simple terms is what is referred to as cyclical dieting. A normal diet for fat loss would have you in a caloric deficit for the whole diet. The program is all about cycling ones diet so that one either has caloric surplus or deficit for a period of eight weeks. Depending on which goal you choose. Different goals will have different amounts of time in a surplus or deficit.
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Moreover, the nutrition timing majorly depends on the specific time when one has to fuel their body with specific nutrients such as carbs, proteins and fats.

Expected results
The expected results largely depends on the factors listed below.

The length of time that one has been participating-The longer it is the faster the gain. However, it is worth noting that the beginners are likely to gain muscles a lot faster.

One’s muscle memory is also a major determinant-it is very easy to regain lost muscles than to build a new.

Your Genetics – This has to do with your body type. For instance there are those bodies that will be more gifted in losing fat and others in gaining muscles.

All people are different but there are those gifted in different areas than others.

Another thing that may make the results differ is drugs intake. In order to gain muscles quickly some people may use drugs such as steroids or others to burn fat. This however is not a way to go. You can do everything without drugs.

There are other things provided by this program
Information regarding resistance and cardio training.

One is taken through some training regarding the lifestyle factors that may influence the transformation.

Carb cycling meal plans.

The Eight Week Body Transformation Program is a program that teaches you nutrition that is necessary for losing fat and Building Muscle at the same time.