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It is December 2014. There are numerous news articles about artificial intelligence and the way it will surpass people in the close to future. There may be some reality to these claims however not in the best way some individuals anticipate. This hub is to clarify the distinction between intelligence and technology. They will not be the identical and often confused by some. Technology is great and it improves our lives and it help us work and play extra effectively. However, technology in and of itself is just not clever. This is my opinion and perception. I can give some examples to help my assertion. Thanks for checking in.

I enjoyed this tremendously. I performed American Football for much of my youth, and I’ve at all times been fascinated with Rugby. Unfortunately, I do not know a lot about it other than that it seems like it have to be a blast to play. Had I been born in one other land I’m sure I would have been into it particularly because it’s formally the perfect sport on the planet, one other fact I didn’t know!

Technology really will increase numbers of jobs, just totally different ones than we are used to. It additionally increases productivity to what would have been unbelievable levels just a few years ago. My spouse packaged laptop chips for shipping, and I am an electrician, wiring faculties and businesses. 30 years in the past her job was non-existent, and a hundred years ago so was mine. At the identical time recent enhancements have made me way more productive than my predecessor solely a decade or two in the past. It is a changing world, always.

There are many types of feedback I utilize and this can be a complement to written and/or verbal feedback. Can it be greater than that? I hope so. The Google Keep integration enables you to insert more than simply photos, and Keep could be very a lot a lesser known device regardless of its energy for cross-device bookmarking, shared lists and notes, and many others….the possibilities are seemingly endless. I stay up for sharing extra ways you’ll be able to make the most of this instrument each as a teacher and together with your college students.

Early Man , eagerly reaching in direction of the heat of the hearth, would not have recognized that it could burn him. Common sense tells us that it will need to have taken a couple of extra individuals to grasp the connection between fireplace and loss of life. Another few years handed before they realised that by placing dead animals on the fire, they could make the meat extra tasty, and fewer more likely to poison themselves. The first cook either had a leap of intelligence or out of sheer luck he discovered step one in the direction of enhancing human life.