The Impact of Mobile Technology in The Education Sector

Business Technology

We are truly living in the technological age. Technology has found a way into almost every aspect of our lives including work, play, and now – most importantly – the education sector. It’s now safe to say that technology is intertwined in virtually every part of our culture that it’s almost overwhelming. One of the most visible technology evolutions is the mobile technology. Who could have believed we would be where we sit a few years ago?


As mobile technology improves, smartphone prevalence continues to increase. In 2016, smartphone penetration in the united states surpassed 80 percent. Yeah, more than 80 percent of the population own a smartphone. Besides mobile devices, other wireless technologies are also making inroads in different aspects of our lives. The Internet of Things is becoming a standard across different industries today.
Classroom Technology
Mobile technology is proving to be one of the most disrupting innovations of our time. Though there have been some genuine concerns about the application of mobile technology in the classroom environment, there is a possibility that utilizing mobile devices as classroom learning tools will become a reality sooner rather than later. The biggest impediments to the realization of the idea are:

  • Many schools are considering the deployment of mobile devices, but their network infrastructure cannot support the tech.
  • A faction of school administrators thinks that certain mobile devices are more of a burden than a strategic learning tool and are on the fence about the entire idea.

Deploying mobile technology is a complicated strategy to navigate. However, many classrooms across the United States have implemented — or are planning to deploy — the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 (one device per one student) solutions. These students will learn best with these technological tools; they grew up with this technology. This is the recommended site if you want more information.


Why Does a Student Need Mobile Technology in The Classroom?


There are two sides of technology: the good side that that can be exploited to advance the society and the bad side or the negative influence side. School going children are more likely to be affected by the latter, but it’s not their fault. All that notwithstanding, here are some of the reasons why students need mobile technology in their classrooms

  • Mobile devices encourage collaboration. The use of mobile technology in the classroom gives the students an opportunity to improve their interactions with their instructors and fellow students.
  • The integration of mobile technology in the classroom is an effective way of connecting with students of different learning styles.
  • Smartphones and tablets and the apps they support, if used correctly, can help prepare students for their future careers.
  • The use of technology is the most efficient way of keeping the student engaged. It’s the only way they are used to and know how to learn.

Classroom technology solutions such as 1:1 and BYOD are the present and looming future of education. If your school has no imminent plans to integrate mobile technology on its Wi-Fi, it’s high time that it started considering other ways of doing so. Mobile technology can be a great learning tool we can’t afford to overlook.