Top Ways in which Technology Complements Security

Good Technology

In the past, guards were employed to physically tour designated areas to check if everything was going right. Gone are the days when they carried with them notebooks. Technology has brought about new ideas through the introduction of guard tour systems and patrol technology. Through this, organizations are able to monitor and accomplish various guard tours while also making sure every guard completes assigned tasks at designated times and checks through all locations he should report to. This new technology is completely different from ancient ways since it uses a digital logbook such that every guard’s activities and times are recorded when they reach certain checkpoints during the patrol. Hence, technology is the tools used by individuals to enhance completion of processes.

Increased Guard Protection


Since working in the security field comes with numerous challenges, a guard goes through risks. The new technology is of more help since it is GPS enabled meaning an officer can send an emergency message with the click or push of a button. Thus, backup officers can be deployed to locate and assist incapacitated guards. This gives guards a peace of mind knowing someone is watching over them.


Supervisors are able to Monitor Location and Activities of Guards


Guard tour system eliminate the possibility of a guard sleeping on their duties. The Supervisor’s record officer’s activities and they are therefore able to distinguish the reliable officers from the unreliable ones. An organization is able to improve its functionality if the officers assigned to safeguard its properties are doing their job.


Ability to Evaluate Service Delivery


Any organization paying for the guard tour system should get the feeling and assurance that their money is well spent and that they are getting value for their money. Clients can verify that guards are accomplishing assigned tasks.

Cost Effective Security Provision


With the use of automatically generated instructions, the need for prior training for guards and supervisors is reduced to bare minimum. Using guard tour is also cost effective since supervisors do not have to personally inspect checkpoints to see if guards complete tasks. All this can be managed remotely thereby saving cash for both the security firm and the client. Additionally, the system is able to monitor various guards at the same time as opposed to a supervisor who would be forced to monitor one guard at a time.

Real-time Incident Reporting

Incidents are reported as soon as they are seen. This is enabled through the use of cloud technology whereby push notifications are sent and anybody interested with the report is able to determine what exactly happened and the time it happened. This is extremely important since in case of an emergency, action can be taken swiftly to remedy the situation.


Guarding Companies can get New Contracts

A functional guard tour system is a major selling point for an organization providing the security technology. Many organizations prioritize security and would only want to go with a security provider who is able to show whether the system is fully functional.

Technology drives industries forward through innovations. The security industry can make use of the technological advancements in the sector by investing in guard tour systems. The systems have proved very useful since they provide high levels of accountability, protection and reliability when used with GPS technology. To achieve satisfaction of clients and effectiveness of security providers, technology is the way to go.